Iranian Studies Series

The Iranian Studies Series publishes high-quality scholarship on various aspects of Iranian civilization, covering both contemporary and classical cultures of the Persian cultural area. The contemporary Persian-speaking area includes Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, and Central Asia, while classical societies using Persian as a literary and cultural language were located in Anatolia, Caucasus, Central Asia and the Indo-Pakistani subcontinent. The objective of the series is to foster studies of the literary, historical, religious and linguistic products in Iranian languages. In addition to research monographs and reference works, the series publishes English-Persian critical text-editions of important texts. The series intends to publish resources and original research and make them accessible to a wide audience. The books are published by Leiden University Press, (formerly distributed by Chicago University Press) and now it is distributed by Amsterdam University Press. 30 volumes have been published so far.


conflict Conflict and Development in Iranian Film; (A. Seyed-Gohrab & K. Talattof)

father Father of Songs; (Sassan Tabatabai)

greatThe Great Umar Khayyam; (A. Seyed-Gohrab)

mirrors Mirrors of Entrapment and Emancipation: Forugh Farrokhzad and Sylvia Plath; (L. Rahimi Bahmany)

persian_in_use Persian in Use: An Elementary Textbook of Language and Culture;  (A. Sedighi)

reclaim Reclaiming the Faravahar: Zoroastrian Survival in Contemporary Tehran; (N. Fozi)

irreverent Irreverent Persia: Invective, Satirical and Burlesque Poetry from the Origins to the Timurid Period (10th to 15th centuries); (R. Zipoli)

processing Processing Compound Verbs in Persian: A Psycholinguistic Approach to Complex Predicates; (P. Shabani-Jadidi)

Hafez  The Reception of Hafiz: The Sweet Poetic Language of Hafiz in Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Persia; (B. Solati)

Hakim A Key to the Treasure of the Hakim. Artistic and Humanistic Aspects of Nizami Ganjavi’s Khamsa; (J.C. Bürgel & C. van Ruymbeke)

Khayyam The Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám: an Updated Bibliography; (J. Coumans)

Barzu The Epic of Barzu as Narrated by Jura Kamal ; (R. Rahmoni & G.R. van den Berg)

local A Comparative Visual Analysis of Nineteenth-Century Iranian Portrait Photography and Persian Paintinge; (C. Pérez González)

agreement Agreement Restrictions in Persian ; (A. Sedighi)

necklace The Necklace of Pleiades; (F. Lewis & S. Sharma)

Gog Embodiments of Evil: Gog and Magog; (A.A. Seyed-Gohrab, F. Doufikar-Aerts & S. McGlinn)

one word The Essence of Modernity; (A.A. Seyed-Gohrab & S. McGlinn)

Safineh The Treasury of Tabriz; (A.A. Seyed-Gohrab & S. McGlinn)

Hakim A Key to the Treasure of the Hakim. Artistic and Humanistic Aspects of Nizami Ganjavi’s Khamsa; (J.C. Bürgel & C. van Ruymbeke)

passion play The Holy Drama: Persian Passion Plays in Modern Iran; (M.A. Nematollahi Mahani)